What Is a Leek—and How Do You Cook It?

Leeks are a best method to include a little subtle onion taste to your favorite meals– and they’re included in everything from soups and quiches to pasta and risotto.

If you’re brand-new to using leeks, here’s a guide on what they are– and how to utilize them in your cooking.

What Is a Leek?
Leeks are related to scallions, onions, shallots, garlic, chives, ramps, and more. They have all have an unique taste and smell, however they have various flavor profiles.
Leeks tend to have the mildest taste of the onion household– so it’s perfect for using in more subtly flavored meals, or switching out in lieu of onions for individuals who aren’t a big fan of onion tastes.
Leeks are a preferred in French cuisine, where they’re used in vichyssoise, quiche, vinaigrette, and even just served sauteed or braised.

Leeks are a great source of antioxidants like vitamin A and C.

How to Clean and Prepare Leeks
Leeks are kept in mind for being a little sandy and gritty, as the sand it grows in can get captured into the layers of the vegetable. With a little effort, you can easily get your leeks sand free and prepared to cook. Just follow the actions below for grit-free leeks.
Cut off the roots
That makes it much easier for the sand and dirt to remove as you clean your leeks

Slice off the green part of the leeks.
Most dishes call for the whites, so you can chop off the green parts. (If you wish to make stock, you can save the greens to take into your stock pot.).
Slice the leek.
Cut the leek into large portions, and piece in half lengthwise. That’ll allow the water to reach into the layers and tidy the leek.

Soak the leek in water.
Put the leeks into cool water, and look for sand and dirt.

Wash the leeks.
Once you believe the leeks are tidy, give them one last rinse in fresh water to guarantee that all the sand is gone.

Slice as required for the recipe.
Slice the leeks into smaller sized pieces to fit the dish.

Innovative Leek Recipes to Try.
Leeks are more than just a welcome addition to soups and pastas. Try these fresh recipes to use up the leeks.

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