What Is a Chimichanga, and What Is It Made Out Of?

Yes, there is such a thing as a yellow watermelon, and it’s been around for thousands of years. Its skin appears like any other watermelon, but when sliced open, it reveals a bright yellow interior. Here, we’ve gathered whatever you need to know about this buzzy fruit so you can enjoy it yourself.
What Is Yellow Watermelon?
Yellow watermelon is just what it sounds like– a watermelon with brilliant yellow flesh. Like its pink counterparts, yellow watermelons have tough, green skins. The texture and flavor of the two watermelon varieties are likewise extremely similar to each other, although yellow watermelons tend to be a bit sweeter.
As for their dietary value, yellow watermelons are hydrating and vitamin-rich, and consist of beta-carotene, which gives them their brilliant yellow color. The plant is native to Africa, and has actually been grown there for thousands of years.
What Does Yellow Watermelon Taste Like?
Yellow watermelon is sweet and sour, with notes of honey. Crunchy, juicy, and with high water content, yellow watermelon is a revitalizing snack for hot days. Luckily, its peak season is the summer, so it’s at its best when you require it most. Consume it on its own, or use it as a substitute for pink watermelon in any dish, like a Watermelon Mojito Granita or Ginger-Lime Melon Salad. Keep in mind that the very same rules apply for slicing and saving yellow watermelon as they provide for the pink range.
Where to Buy Yellow Watermelon
Rather than pink watermelon, yellow watermelon can be a bit tricky to find. It’s worth checking your local grocery store (Trader Joe’s has actually been known to stock yellow watermelons in the summertime), any stores with a wide variety of fruits, and your local farmers market during summertime. The search is worth the effort!

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