Trader Joe’s Takes a Hit on List of America’s Most Popular Grocery Stores

Trader Joe’s is one of our most cherished grocery stores, however according to new information from YouGov– a marketing research and data analytics firm– the chain is not America’s present favorite. In fact, the California-based grocer can be found in third place behind ALDI, the leading option, and 7-Eleven. Furthermore, TJ’s fell one spot from this time last year, when the chain came in 2nd place in this same YouGov survey.

According to YouGov’s latest grocery survey, which covered the final three months of 2023, it’s not that Trader Joe’s is becoming less popular, but that other grocers are ending up being more well-liked. Per the intel, Trader Joe’s scored a 64 percent appeal ranking in the survey, which is really a point greater than its popularity ranking at the end of 2022. Appeal, as defined by YouGov in relation to this information, is the “percent of people who have a positive opinion of a supermarket.”
As we discussed, ALDI was easily crowned America’s preferred grocery shop with a 66 percent popularity rating. Rounding out the top 5 are Kroger and Whole Foods, which scored a 61 percent appeal ranking and 57 percent appeal rating, respectively.
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As evidenced by the data, nevertheless, actions varied significantly by generation and gender. Keep reading to find out more about America’s favorite grocery stores!

ALDI isn’t everybody’s top choice
While ALDI held the top area amongst Generation X– defined by YouGov as those born in between 1965 and 1981 and Baby Boomers (those born in between 1946 and 1964)– Trader Joe’s edged out ALDI among Millennials– those born between 1982 and 1999.
Trader Joe’s fares much better with guys
Proving it’s still a force to be considered in the grocery game, Trader Joe’s was the leading choice among guys of all ages. More particularly, males offered the chain an impressive 65 percent appeal ranking, putting it ahead of competitors such as ALDI, 7-Eleven, and Kroger.

Women prefer 7-Eleven
When it’s time to grocery store, ladies are more likely to go to 7-Eleven than men. Ladies provided the convenience shop chain a 69 percent appeal ranking, moving it to second place overall, while men offered it a 62 percent popularity rating and relegated it to fourth location.

Whole Foods is more popular with older customers
Per the data, Whole Foods received a 59 percent popularity rating among Baby Boomers, and a 54 percent popularity ranking amongst Generation X. When it comes to Millennials, Whole Foods managed to make a 59 percent appeal score, but came in seventh location in general (its most affordable ranking) behind competitors such as Kroger and Circle K.

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