Trader Joe’s New $9 Gingerbread House Kit Includes 4 Truly Adorable Surprises

Leave it to Trader Joe’s to come out with the most desirable gingerbread house package imaginable. The new product, which just recently struck TJ’s racks across the country, appears like a common gingerbread home, however it’s the 4 cute devices that feature it– a quartet of cute woodland animals that you can eat– that set it apart from comparable packages from other retailers.
According to the main description of this new Gingerbread House Kit on the Trader Joe’s website, the $9 item has whatever you require to make the edible vacation decor, and after that some. Each Kit contains “the vital materials required to make a conventional German cookie home,” consisting of a cookie base that serves as a durable structure, hearty walls and roofing that are in fact just tasty gingerbread cookie pieces, a gingerbread Christmas tree, edible outside decor in the kind of fruit gummies, chocolate buttons, and rainbow sprays, and long lasting cement that’s just a ready-to-make icing mix you can utilize to put the house together. All you require is an egg white and some lemon juice to mix with the icing so it’s easily spreadable.
Trader Joe's Gingerbread House Kit
The very best part, nevertheless, is the variety of “pleasing woodland creatures made from sugar” that you can put around the exterior of your gingerbread home to offer it an even cozier, more festive feel. The sweet little animals– an owl, a deer, a squirrel, and a fox– have expressive faces and are made from sugar, gum arabic, and milk protein. The colors are all plant-based, made from active ingredients such as spirulina and beetroot juice.
What else sets the TJ’s Gingerbread House Kit apart from others, you ask? Additionally, those exact same gingerbread pieces are textured with shingles, which adds a realistic quality to the house.

” I was impressed with this one,” one Instagram user composed. “So adorable!”

A TikTok user totally concurred with the cuteness element, including: “It’s soo charming! I enjoy that they use veggie juice for color.”

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