This is the 2024 Flavor of the Year, According to McCormick

For the second year in a row, spice brand name McCormick has actually revealed a Flavor of the Year. While the food business declared 2023 everything about Vietnamese x Cajun design spices, 2024 is officially the year of tamarind! The spice, which originates from the tamarind tree and is native to Africa, India, and the Middle East, has actually lent its acidic, tangy-sweet flavor to Latin, Caribbean, and Mexican foods for centuries. It’s frequently discovered in Indian cuisine.
McCormick is marking tamarind’s Flavor of the Year (FoY) status with a brand-new Tamarind & Pasilla Chile Seasoning mix, which is now offered online. Described as “a tangy, Mexican-inspired seasoning blend that sets tamarind flavor with the moderate heat of pasilla chiles and mouthwatering notes of paprika, coriander, and onion,” this new seasoning mix can include some unexpected flavor to the rim of your next margarita, and also shines in salsa and other dips.
To commemorate the year of tamarind, McCormick has actually also collaborated with international restaurant chain Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer to develop several limited-edition, tamarind-infused menu products, consisting of a chicken hamburger and French french fries, that will be available beginning in February 2024. “This year, we’re delighted for individuals to experience the taste, flexibility and tang of tamarind,” Hadar Cohen Aviram, Executive Chef and Senior Manager, Culinary Development, US Consumer at McCormick, said in a statement. “It is the best component to incorporate in mouthwatering and sweet meals which is evident through the imaginative, tasty, limited-time meals we are happily co-developing with Black Tap.”

How to Cook With Tamarind
While familiar to lots of home cooks, tamarind isn’t exactly among those spices that everybody understands how to utilize properly. With that in mind, we’ve consisted of a couple of suggestions about how to best cook with tamarind.

Considering that tamarind has a slightly sweet, appetizing flavor, it works well as a meat tenderizer, as is the case with this recipe for Grilled Tamarind Chicken Thighs. In addition, due to the fact that tamarind is a main active ingredient of Worcestershire sauce, it likewise pairs beautifully with steak. In this dish for Tamarind-Glazed Flank Steak with Carrots & Dates, tamarind glazes the meat together with honey, tamari, and cumin.

If you have a craving for pad Thai but seem like going the homemade route instead of purchasing in, be sure to add tamarind to your grocery shopping list. A common component in pad Thai, including this Chicken Pad Thai recipe, tamarind adds an apparent depth of taste that truly elevates the meal.

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