This $17 Moonstone Corkscrew Is the Most Reliable Wine Opener I’ve Ever Owned

In my experience, the more advanced the white wine opener, the bigger the scam. I say this as someone who utilized to change mine a minimum of as soon as a year. I ‘d buy inexpensive, hassle-free wine secrets that would dull so terribly, they slipped off the lip of the bottle every time I attempted to pull the cork. I ‘d buy costly openers with 2 handles for much better take advantage of, just to find that the corkscrew became so loose it would go into at an odd angle and scrape the edge of the bottle, leaving drifting bits cork in my heavy pour. After several years of feeling like I was investing more money on white wine openers than I would a decent bottle of wine, a spectacular, economical best-seller on Amazon– the HiCoup Wine Opener– finally allowed me to enjoy my drinks in peace.

HiCoup Wine Opener
In the beginning look, the HiCoup seems like any other white wine secret you ‘d get at the grocery store, but this $17 powerhouse is extremely ranked on Amazon due to the fact that it’s created for experts. Many commonly called a waiter’s or sommelier’s corkscrew, this specific model has the standard worm (the actual corkscrew) and foil cutter, however what makes it a cut above the rest is the 2 action lever system, which enables you to brace the wine key at various heights versus the lip of the bottle to make sure a completely simple, efficient cork pull each time.
HiCoup Wine Bottle Opener Tout
Unlike other wine essential models with a 2 step lever system where you might struggle with a metal clip or toggle, the HiCoup has an incredibly easy push system. All it needs is a continual forward press of your thumb while levering the bottle available to release the 2nd “step,” developed to assist when you screwed the corkscrew in a bit too far, and need extra take advantage of.
I’ve owned this red wine key for 3 years now, a ground-breaking record for me, and in all that time, I’ve never ever struggled with a cork even when. This corkscrew has not dulled at all, and appears it just came out of the box.

The very best part about this little pleasure? It can be found in 21 gorgeous surfaces from several kinds of unique woods like sandalwood, rosewood, and burled bai ying to resin finishes including a glossy moonstone, and rich, speckled tiger’s eye. Starting at $7 (and running up to $19) there’s a HiCoup for every kind of home bar aesthetic you might perhaps create.

They included, “This opener is not only appealing, however it’s so trustworthy. The blade is just sharp sufficient to cut the foil and the system of the opener is a two-step process but it works.”

Even bartenders love this corkscrew, like this luxury evaluation who said it is “fantastic quality therefore simple to use, really smooth for removing corks.” They even went on to state you can utilize it to open beer bottles, too.

If your old red wine crucial needs an upgrade, consider my outright favorite $17 model from HiCoup at Amazon. It may just be the last corkscrew you ever purchase. And have a look at more bar tools listed below.

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