These Are the Best Store-Bought Pie Crusts, According to Our Food Director

I love buttery, flaky homemade pie crusts; who doesn’t? If you don’t desire to fiddle with rolling out dough then I enthusiastically back store-bought pie crust as a canvas for your favorite pie dishes.
All set to Fill
Wholly Wholesome’s Organic Traditional 9″ Pie Shells (from $6.30 for 2) are hassle-free, vegan, and almost cookie-like– the texture is more sandy than flaky. Considering that they’re already in a pie meal, this is the most convenient option by far. Simply fill and bake!
Ready to Unroll
If you want to crimp the edges yourself or bake straight in your own pie plate, go with the frozen Trader Joe’s Pie Crusts ($4.50 for 2). Roll one out and use it to line your preferred pie plate. Pro tip: Make sure these pie crusts are at space temperature before unrolling them.

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