Sunny Side Up Eggs vs. Over Easy: How to Make Them Perfectly

You’ve most likely heard of warm side up eggs and over simple eggs, however can you discriminate between the 2? They’re both variations on fried eggs, which have had something of a ren-eggs-ance over the past few years, appearing atop salads, burgers, pizzas, waffles– and practically everything but cake.

Discover what the distinction is between the bright side up eggs and over simple eggs, how to make them completely– and where you can use your brand-new fried egg prowess.
What’s the Difference Between Sunny Side Up Eggs Vs. Over Easy Eggs?
Bright side up eggs and over simple eggs are just 2 different methods to prepare fried eggs.

For a bright side up egg, the egg is cracked in the pan and prepared merely– no turning required. That leads to a golden, runnier yolk and a completely prepared white.
For over easy eggs, you’ll turn the egg partway through cooking, which leads to a more even cook for the egg overall. Over simple eggs still have a runny yolk like a sunny side up egg. If you want the yolk more cooked, you ‘d require to purchase your egg over medium or over well.
How to Make Sunny Side Up Eggs
2 tricks to preparing a warm side up egg: Use a glass cover and a nonstick or cast iron pan to make it simple to remove it and to see it cook, and utilize medium-low heat to prevent making your whites too crispy (unless, obviously, that’s how you like them!).

Set the pan with a tablespoon of oil or butter over medium low heat, and let it melt and warm. Break the eggs into the pan, and cover with a glass lid. (That lets you keep track of its progress without launching the steam.) When the whites are simply set, remove the lid and let the egg cook up until the whites are fully set. (That normally takes another two minutes.).

How to Make Over Easy Eggs.
Over easy eggs follow comparable actions as warm side up eggs. Set your nonstick or cast iron pan over medium-low heat, and melt or warm a tablespoon of butter or oil in the pan. Split your egg into it, and let it cook till the whites are just set, about two minutes. Flip the egg using a spatula, and cook for about 20 to 30 seconds on the other side. (If you leave it longer on the other side, you can end up with eggs over medium or eggs over well.).

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