King Arthur Just Released Its Recipe of the Year. Our Food Director Tried It.

And then there are individuals like me, Real Simple’s food director, who wait breathlessly for King Arthur Baking’s Recipe of the Year (ROTY). Start your ovens, because the big expose simply occurred, and we’re going to be baking a lot of chocolate chip cookies in 2024, particularly Super-Sized, Super-Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Based in Norwich, Vermont, King Arthur Baking is best understood for offering flour and baking products. It also hosts in-person and virtual baking workshops and releases cookbooks. And, every year for the previous 11, it has announced a dish of the year that its group of internal bakers has actually refined over the previous 12 months (or longer). Then, as if on cue, bakers around the globe make the dish and share their outcomes on Instagram and other platforms. Last year’s ROTY was Coffee Cake. Previous ones included Whole Grain Banana Bread, Ultimate Sandwich Bagels, and Perfectly Pillowy Cinnamon Rolls.

According to Kye Ameden, ROTY editorial lead, the bakers at King Arthur have been working on the 2024 dish for nearly two years. Senior dish designer Molly Marzalek-Kelly got to work, baking over 75 various versions of the cookie, about 1,200 chocolate chip cookies completely!
As soon as I discovered out that Super-Sized, Super-Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies were the 2024 Recipe of the Year, I hopped into my kitchen area to bake them stat. I’ve made many chocolate chip cookies in my day, from the classic Toll House dish, to vegan ones, cake-y ones, soft ones, and thin and crispy ones.
Both the Butter and Flour Get Tweaks
In a normal chocolate chip cookie recipe, room temperature butter gets creamed with sugar using an electrical mixer, before adding in eggs and dry ingredients. In this recipe, cold butter is melted on the stovetop and then browned before being whisked into brown sugar. (In fact, you don’t need an electric mixer at all for this recipe.) “Cookies that utilize creamed butter and sugar are typically more airy, puffy, and taller than cookies that utilize melted butter,” Ameden discusses. “Melted butter develops thick, fudgy cookies. Browning the butter adds an almost caramel-like taste.”
The flour is likewise different. Most recipes call for standard all-purpose flour, but this one uses bread flour. Bread flour has a higher percentage of protein than AP flour, which King Arthur says includes chewiness to these cookies and helps them stay soft longer.

If you have one, utilize a kitchen scale to measure out the ingredients. Not only is it a lot more precise than utilizing measuring cups and spoons, it keeps you from having to wash stated measuring cups and spoons! I likewise utilized the scale to portion out each ball of dough (85-90 grams), to ensure even baking.
They Borrowed a Technique from Bread
Speaking of staying soft for longer, the recipe includes tangzhong, a strategy extensively used throughout Asia in yeasted doughs to prolong the rack life of tender breads. Here, the process requires rapidly preparing a couple of tablespoons of flour with a half-cup milk and blending that into the cookie batter. The cookie is incredibly soft (and stays that way for a few days) and has actually a crackled, slightly shiny surface area.”
The dish calls for chocolate wafers. I wasn’t able to find any, so I sliced chocolate bars. Using a big serrated (bread) knife to slice the chocolate into chunks keeps the bars from breaking into shards.
These Cookies Need Their Rest, however There’s a Shortcut
It’s not unusual for a chocolate chip cookie dish to require cooling the dough overnight in the fridge for finest outcomes; this one calls for a 24 to 72 hour rest. Letting cookie dough chill out has a couple of big advantages. First, since the fat in the dough is more strong after chilling (think room temperature butter versus cold butter), the cookies spread less. Second, resting concentrates the tastes in the cookies, giving them a richer sweet and warm punch. If you’re desperate for immediate gratification, this recipe gives you the choice to right away bake the dough into bars. Score one for the impatient amongst us.

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