How to Store Bagels So They Don’t Get Stale and Moldy

It’s always a good idea to have some bagels on hand to make a mean breakfast sandwich or pair with some cream cheese and smoked salmon, but what excellent are hearty, doughy bagels if they’re stale and bespeckled with mold as soon as you get around to enjoying them?

While fresh bagels will remain that way for a few days, they’re truly best enjoyed the day you bring them home, and otherwise have a fairly short shelf life. If you understand how to save bagels correctly, you can extend their life expectancy by days, weeks, or even months. Keep checking out for our suggestions on the very best ways to keep bagels so they remain fluffy and fresh.
How to Store Whole Bagels
You got a lots bagels from the supermarket or your regional bakery however have actually just handled to consume two. Now what? If you’re wanting to protect entire bagels for a short period of time, your best option is to keep your bagels in a paper bag, which you can keep out on the counter or in the kitchen, so long as the bagels stay at space temperature level. To preserve the bagels’ freshness, be sure to tightly fold or roll the top of the bag to avoid excessive air from getting in. This technique is great if you want to save whole bagels overnight, and will keep them fresh for a day or more, possibly 3 if you’re fortunate.
To actually guarantee that your whole bagels stay fresh, you can also put them in a tightly sealed plastic bag at space temperature. If the bagels are fresh from the pastry shop, make sure they cool completely before you put them in the plastic bag. It’s likewise essential to squeeze any excess air out of the bag before sealing it, otherwise the bagels may harden. Kept this way, entire bagels must stay fresh for about 6 days.

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