Can You Freeze Mashed Potatoes?

Mashed potatoes are always a favorite dish– and do not normally tend to have a lot of leftovers that they won’t be utilized within a day or 2. If your Thanksgiving feast was a little too generous or you merely desire to meal preparation some mashed potatoes to utilize for fast suppers (or even, yes, Thanksgiving supper!) down the line, you may be questioning whether freezing mashed potatoes is an option.
Can You Freeze Mashed Potatoes?
The short response: You can definitely freeze mashed potatoes. Think of all those frozen supper entrees and frozen french fries you see at the store– potatoes do simply fine in the deep freeze.

However using a couple of techniques of the trade can assist make sure that your mashed potatoes just as velvety and tasty as they were the day they were made.
Tips for Freezing Mashed Potatoes
If you’re freezing mashed potatoes, you should follow much of the same techniques you would for keeping food in the freezer to help it stay as fresh as possible while it’s in a deep freeze. You’ll likewise not wish to keep it in the freezer forever. The USDA advises using frozen mashed potatoes within a year of storage.
Use freezer-safe storage containers
Freezer bags or storage containers are much heavier task and made for usage in the freezer, so they’ll safeguard your leftover mashed potatoes much better, and lower the possibilities of developing the feared freezer burn– or that funky freezer smell.
Cool your mashed potatoes
You never ever want to put piping hot foods directly into your refrigerator or freezer, as they can heat up the contents around them and potentially thaw them simply enough to trigger potential food safety concerns.

Keep air away from the mashed potatoes when they’re stored
Freezer air is the enemy of any frozen food, as it’s what causes freezer burn. Do your best to eliminate as much air as possible from freezer bag or storage container.

Do not skimp on the cream and butter in your mashed potato recipe
While potatoes are simply fine to freeze by themselves, loading mashed potatoes up with cream and butter can assist protect the potatoes from freezer burn.

How to Use Frozen Mashed Potatoes
If you follow our ideas for freezing mashed potatoes, your remaining mashed potatoes ought to be in actually good shape to reheat and consume, or use in a dish that calls for leftover mashed potatoes.
Defrost the potatoes initially, if possible
Thawing overnight in the fridge is the gentler method to bring it closer to space temperature level.

Heat your mashed potatoes thoroughly
You can use pretty much any approach to reheat your mashed potatoes, whether you wish to do it on the stovetop, in the microwave, or the slow cooker. For the microwave or stovetop, reheat on low, stirring sometimes, up until it’s piping hot. For the sluggish cooker, it will take two hours to reheat the mashed potatoes.

Don’t be afraid to add a little bit more butter or cream
If the mashed potatoes appear a little dry after you’re done reheating, include another splash of butter or cream to make it more velvety and revitalize them for their second act.

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