Can You Freeze Cookie Dough?

Can You Freeze Cookie Dough?
The short answer regarding whether you can freeze cookie dough is a competent yes. Most requirement, sturdy-type cookie doughs can withstand the freezer for several months.

Many popular cookie doughs– consisting of chocolate chip cookies, gingersnaps, peanut butter cookies, and sugar cookies– are amongst those that can easily be frozen.
Cookie Recipes That Can Easily Be Frozen
How to Freeze Cookie Dough
There are two techniques you can utilize to freeze cookie dough– one that works great if you plan to utilize all of the frozen dough in one fell swoop, and another to use when you may want to bake just a couple of at a time when you desire a fast fresh-baked cookie.
How to Freeze Cookie Dough for a Future Full Batch
If you prepare to bake a complete batch of cookies at a later date, freezing the dough as a log will be the fastest and most convenient method to make that take place. Simply roll the dough into a log shape, wrap it in wax paper or plastic wrap, then location in a freezer-friendly container, and freeze.

You’ll need to thaw the dough when you’re all set to go– and then you can slice the log for consistent cookie shapes, or roll it out and use cookie cutters for shaped cookies.

How to Freeze Cookie Dough to Bake a Few Cookies at a Time
, you’ll desire to take the time to get the cookies bake-ready, then freeze. Scoop the dough into private cookie-sized portions (or roll and shape cookies), then freeze them on parchment on a cookie sheet.
What Types of Cookie Dough Don’t Freeze Well?
There are a couple of cookie doughs that won’t succeed in the freezer. In a few of these cases, you can bake the cookies now, and freeze them for later on instead. A few of the cookie doughs you shouldn’t freeze include:

Meringue-type cookies, like macarons
Anyone who’s baked with meringue understands simply how finicky and delicate it can be. Your best bet is to bake all your meringue or macarons and freeze the baked versions with parchment between pieces. (Be sure that the container is crush-proof, or ensure that the frozen meringues don’t get crushed underneath a roast or other freezer goodies.).

Condensation is the opponent of those crispy-chewy meringues, and can gather in a closed container as they thaw. So take them out of the container when you’re prepared to use.

Liquidy cookie batters, like tuiles or pizzelles.
Liquid-type cookie batters– such as those for lace cookies, tuiles, florentines, or pizelles– do not succeed in the freezer. And if the cookies themselves are incredibly delicate, as in the case of tuiles, the cookies themselves are probably best delighted in now, not frozen.
Cake-style cookies, like madeleines or whoopie pies.
The dry chill of the freezer can rob the cookie dough of that all-important wetness, so skip the deep freeze.

Cookies with jam filling.
You can freeze the dough, but leave the jam off the cookies until you’re prepared to bake, as freezing can impact the consistency of the jam (and not in a great way!).
Should You Thaw Cookie Dough Before You Bake It?
If you still require to control the dough before you bake (like a log of dough that you require to present and cut), you must thaw it for a couple of hours or over night in the refrigerator before you bake.

For individually wrapped frozen cookie dough, you can put them on a cookie sheet for 15 minute before you bake– essentially, just sufficient time for your oven to preheat.

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