Can You Freeze Banana Bread?

Banana bread is the reliable method to use up overripe bananas– whether you’re using fresh or frozen bananas. However can you freeze banana bread or even banana bread batter if you wish to have the baked goodies, however maybe not right at the moment?

Read on to get all the details about the best methods to freeze banana bread to enjoy whenever the state of mind strikes.
Can you Freeze Banana Bread?
Like numerous durable baked items (believe cakes and cookies), you can freeze banana bread– and even just the batter– and have it on hand whenever the banana bread desire strikes. However you’ll want to take some care when you freeze the banana bread or the batter, to help ensure it’s as fresh as possible when you are all set to indulge.
How to Freeze Baked Banana Bread
Like other baked goods, air is the enemy of your baked banana bread. So when you freeze it, make certain it’s firmly covered in plastic to help keep air far from your bread to avoid the feared freezer burn.
If you want to take pleasure in the banana bread by the slice, slice the bread and freeze each piece separately on a baking rack, then cover them in plastic wrap and shop in a freezer-safe container to avoid any smushing by other freezer occupants.

If you’ll just pull the entire loaf out when you’re all set to indulge, ensure it’s tightly covered in a couple of layers of cling wrap and store it in a freezer-safe container.
How to Freeze Banana Bread Batter
There’s absolutely nothing better than fresh-baked banana bread, so you may want to freeze the banana bread batter rather, and after that thaw it and bake it when you’re all set for some banana bread.

As soon as you’ve blended and mashed your way to a banana bread batter, think about how you’ll save it. You can part the batter out into smaller sized amounts– for example, if you plan to bake half loaves or a couple of banana muffins rather of a full-sized banana bread. Put the batter into a freezer-safe zip-top bag, displace as much air as possible, then seal and freeze flat so it’s easy to keep in your freezer.

You can likewise freeze it into a loaf shape– line the pan with parchment paper, pour in the batter, then freeze and get rid of the loaf and wrap it thoroughly for freezer storage. (You can utilize layers of plastic wrap or a freezer-safe bag.).

How to Thaw Frozen Banana Bread.
When you’re all set to indulge, you can thaw the frozen banana bread pieces or banana bread loaf on your counter. It’ll take a couple of hours for a full loaf to reach space temperature level.

If you can’t wait (or you want something much better to fresh-baked banana bread) go ahead and warm it in the oven. At 350 degrees, it’ll take about 10 minutes to get to a completely warmed slice of banana bread, or about 45 minutes to warm up a full loaf.

How to Use Frozen Banana Bread Batter.
Due to the fact that banana bread batter still contains raw eggs, you’ll require to thaw it in a food-safe manner, which suggests either popping the frozen batter into the fridge for several hours or over night, or defrosting in the microwave.

You can also bake banana bread straight from frozen if it’s already in the shape you wish to utilize it (like the loaf shape pointed out above). Simply keep in mind that you will likely require to increase the baking time in order to accomplish banana bread perfection.

To guarantee that your banana bread is completely prepared, place a thin-bladed knife near and look for indications of damp batter or crumbs, or utilize a digital thermometer to check. (You’re looking for an internal temperature of 200 degrees for an ideal banana bread.).

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